by Jessica Degruyter

Since the beginning of memory I have collected the ephemeral—those things that are bright against blue sky, dark earth; and perhaps a fragment of sparkly glass, a broken seashell for its color, a dead moth for its soft luminescence will find itself tucked into the enlarging collection. My mother called me her little bird, as if I were preparing an inviting nest.

It is only recently then that I have begun to string these collections together into the jewelry that is seen on FoundinAlbuquerque. My maternal grandparents were teeth-makers by trade and jewelers by hobby; my paternal grandfather was a watchmaker, so perhaps this is in my blood, this desire to create. Or perhaps it is that the collection has finally taken on a life of its own as the inanimate sometime does. So I have done what I must; I have finally begun to untuck these odds and ends from their dark boxes.

Inspired by debris trapped in winter ice on ponds, in gutters, in the dog-water bowl, I have found a way to make this ephemeral rubble into something more lasting. By coating these snippets in durable clear epoxy resin, and fettering them together with semi-precious gemstone beads, recovered vintage beads, and the seed beads I inherited from grandmothers, I attempt to recreate a moment in time—the way the sun seeps through a crack in the wall, the way the rain wets a leaf, the color of dawn. Hopefully one of my one of a kind pieces will stir a memory in you, one of that perfect momentary moment.

Stephanie Mergelsberg

DARNEDideas was born from the desire to practice and devolop my craft while reckoning with the exploitation of resources and labor for goods. By using materials from the waste stream (trash, thrift stores, etc.) I like to think that we are fixing the world one "stitch" at a time. By contributing to the handmade market and connecting with my local community, I feel like a more mindful consumer and producer.

Electric Nomad
A.K.A Sandra C-Williams

Creating and Art have always been part of my life and have enjoyed both in various ways throughout my life. Love to recycle and strive to make quality items out of pre-existing things. I have sold my creations at local craft shows, shops in ABQ and in Los Angeles.

Currently I have 2 online shops and One features my recycled creations and a few other things and the other has my screen print robots and other fun stuffed creatures.!/pages/Electric-Nomad/155135217846184?sk=wall

Another Country Beadworks
by Morwyn Mullins

My name is Morwyn Mullins.  I'm an Albuquerque book dealer consumed with a passion for creating objects of attraction with seed beads. I’ve been a crafter all my life;  I'm self-taught in fiber arts, paper arts and book making. I took up wire wrapping, jewelry making and eventually beadwork around 1994. It wasn't so much a conscious choice as a natural evolution.   My materials of choice are seed beads and  stones.  My techniques include bead embroidery, bead crochet and a wide variety of off-loom bead weaving stitches.  My wearable and superfluous art is available online ( and visible at Bird Song Used Books, where you can find me most of the time ( , 505.268.7204, or email me at .  I also maintain a production blog ( and  have a Facebook presence as AnotherCountry.

by Josie Mohr

Josie Mohr - Paper cut artist - self taught, have been cutting paper for about 6 years. Subject matter varies from Fairy tales to Day of the Dead images as well as Southwest images.
Born & raised in New Mexico.
an be found at:, Village de los Ranchos Arts & Crafts Market (same hours & location of Los Ranchos Growers Market,  I am doing the Hispanic Contempory Market in July and selling at Color & Light in Madrid, NM

RockSugar Studio
by Ashley Dalton

Ashley Dalton, owner of RockSugar Studio, creates handmade jewelry and curiosities, including three-dimensional watercolor shadowboxes. Among her favorite materials/media are watercolor, ink, vintage stationery and stamps, metals, resin, and beads.  Literature, especially Germanic and Russian fairy tales, forests, oceans, vintage costume jewelry and fashion, music, and history inspire her and inform her work. She loves to create adornments and imaginary worlds that become a place for fanciful visions and quirky objects.

Michele Powers-Hardy

I began my artistic journey with simple beading about 3 years ago, then expanded as I saw there there were so many more mediums that fit with my style.  I started to grow gourds, and very soon realized that I could do so many things with them.  I also began beading on other things as I found them, like feathers.  Most of my work is represented in a Native American or Southwestern style, and I love to work with the tiniest of beads for a challenge. Making miniatures are my favorite!  I have often been asked to do custom work, and very much enjoy creating original pieces. I teach one-on-one or in small groups and would be happy to help you on your creative journey.

Paper Menagerie
by Angela Burke Kunkel

Growing up in small-town Vermont, my grandmother and parents fostered my creativity, teaching me how to make everything from detailed doll clothes to my prom dress. After so many years experimenting in a variety of media, my influences are eclectic, from constructions found in nature to vintage Victorian pieces, visual artists such as Joseph Cornell, and travels to beloved places like Provence and New Mexico. I work mostly in paper, hand-printing stationery on my Japanese Gocco, or saving old books from the dumpster by making them into jewelry and magnets.

Sherry L. Aragon

Sherry L. Aragon "Kumaidza" from the Pueblo of Acoma, daughter of world renowned potter Alice Aragon, youngest of ten children was taught traditional art work from parents and grandparents. Sherry a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts has mastered her art in many ways both traditionally and spiritually. Sherry works in many different mediums of art, from traditional hand coiled Acoma Pottery to wood-burnings, paintings, and ceramic pottery. While working in many art forms I have kept my tradition alive in all that I do, each piece of work I do speaks to me of what it is or what it shall become, and always remembering that everything is alive and has a spiritual connection with each and every one of us. For more information:

Eclectic Elements
by Sam

Recycled game piece jewelry and accessories by sam of Eclectic Elements has been selling locally in Albuquerque and online since 2002. Fun and funky bracelets, necklaces and earrings created from dice, dominoes, Mahjong tiles and anything else I can get my hands on. For local shows check the link on the home page of my website or email and I'll send a link.

Being Present Body Care
by Brandi Phlieger

Being present body care is a line of body care products made with the natural healing elements of coffee and teas as well as elemental essential oils, herbs, botanicals, and salts. I created  the line with the intent to bring balance and celebration to the mind, body, and spirit with natural and good for you ingredients.  I use nothing containing paba or phalates and I use organic when ever possible. My products are available at my coffee shop, Java Joe's located at 906 Park Ave SW 87102 765-1514, on my website and at at the shop beingpresentbodycare.

Tasha Drama
by Natasha Martinez

Hi! Im TashaDrama and I make all kinds of neat things! Shadowboxes, magnets, jars, and key chains! Everything I use is recycled and every piece is one of a kind. I can also make you personalized items! Contact me at for more info! <3

by Diane Keeler

Diane Keeler created OriginalsByDiane so everyone can own elegant beautiful handcrafted jewelry at a price they can afford. Bracelets, earrings, Custom Charm bracelets, corsages for Easter, Graduation and Mother’s Day Gifts and beaded hair jewelry for proms, weddings and more.

Rio Rancho, NM.

Stephanie Galloway

Some of Stephanie Galloway's earliest memories revolve around walks down Canyon Road in Santa Fe with her parents. Canyon Road etched a deep appreciation for contemporary art into her psyche. As the child of parents who are artists,Stephanie always found it natural fo experiment with and create images. The power of her experieces has a large influence on her art and her love for art.She is currently a Stay-At-Home mom to a very busy three year old son. She does art that is made with at least 80-90% recycled material because she has a deep love for the planet she lives on. She currently resides in Albuquerque with her husband, son and Kitty Red.I have had work in several galleries here in Albuquerque.

This month my art can be seen at:
Talking Fountian 
Factory on 5th, 5G gallery

The Octopus and the Fox

The Octopus and the Fox is a small boutique that sells locally handmade fashion, gifts, art, and more. At the moment, we feature over 50 incredibly talented artists and designers from the Albuquerque area. In addition to the handmade items, we also have a vintage section. Our mission is to promote handmade and sweatshop free items while supporting small businesses within our community. The store is run by four women: Jessi MB Campbell, Belita Orner, Kim Patel, and Loryn Udell. All four of us are artists and have pieces in the store! We love Albuquerque so much, and it is the perfect place for a shop like this. Our design aesthetic is fun, indie, punky, and classic, just to name a few. A lot of it is determined by our artists and designers, and we believe that our store is as eccentric and colorful as they are. We have a studio adjacent in the store in which we work and students can come and learn skills so that they can bring the handmade revolution into their own home!

And here's our contact info:
Store phone and email: (505) 369-8705

Billy McCall

Billy makes videos, paints pictures, knows how to juggle, has a dog, and loves a good vegan food.  He also writes stories and makes zines.  He's willing to be friends with almost anyone, and thinks Charlie Sheen is a modern day genius.  (That's not to say Charlie isn't a drug-addict or a bipolar mess, which he probably is.)  Come meet him, and check out his stuff!

Charlene Jacka

I'm Charlie - an avid crafter, an engineer, and a new mom. I have been creating with ceramics for 8 years. This past year, I decided to add certified metal clay artist to my crafty repertoire. I am inspired by my travels and my work, so I suppose my work could be considered eclectic.  I frequently make custom pieces for my customers and ultimately my goal is to make beautiful treasures for you and your home.

The Vanity
by Noel Dalton

"The Vanity is the creative vision of Makeup Artist, Noel Dalton. Inspired by all things beautiful in life, she designs and constructs handmade hair accessories for her makeup projects. For Noel, it's all about conceptualization; the hair pieces are just the icing on the cake for each look she creates. To see photos of her work, visit The Vanity's website at"

Noel Dalton
The Vanity

Beloved Bijou
by Myria Mandell

"I started sewing at the age of 3.  At that time I was just sewing buttons onto ribbons, but after a couple of years I had learned embroidery.  By middle school I was sewing on the machine.  In high school I took a Fashion Design Class which was both great fun and an excellent learning experience!

When I was in my late teens I got into making jewelry after buying a large supply of tiger tail and gemstone beads at a yard sale for $5.  Around that time my mom and dad peeked in on a jewelry making class at Mama's Minerals.  She came home and told me how they were doing it and from that day forward I was hooked!

My mother and I would participate in church and school craft fairs which would give us a chance to sell the stuff that had we made in order to buy more materials - to support our crafting habit. 

My dad would also support my hobby by buying me gift certificates so I could stock up on semi-precious beads.

During the recession of 2010 I turned my long-time hobby into a business.  I named it Beloved Bijou Adornments & Accessories.  Bijou means jewel in French.
After much encouragement from my significant other, Adam, I created a web page and Etsy Store so I could sell my stuff online.

I craft my jewelry with the intention that these adornments will be treasured as unique pieces by the end user for generations."

Thank you!
Myria Mandell

Beloved Bijou Adornments & Accessories

Shannon Johnston

Shannon Johnston is a school teacher originally from Melba, Idaho, but who has spent her last 3 years in New Mexico. She learned to draw and paint from her grandmother, Eva Johnston, who was a well known local artist in the Southwest Idaho area.  Now Shannon continues to draw, paint, and do wood and leather burning on the side.  Much of her art reflects the landscapes and fauna of her childhood in Idaho as well as her life here in New Mexico. Aside from art and teaching, Shannon enjoys hiking, playing the piano, and taking long road trips around the country.

Folded Jewels
by Nicole Trissell

Nicole Trissell has been an avid crafter her whole life. Starting with
popsicle stick sculptures when she was young, she has since expanded
and experimented with lots of different crafts, from pottery to
knitting to weaving. She came up with the idea of making small origami
pieces into jewelry when her Girl Scout troop was brainstorming ways
to fundraise. She fell in love with the creativity of it, being able
to create her own beads and combine them with other media to make
completely unique jewelry. She has been crafting her origami jewelry
for seven years now and still loves the thrill of creating something
new. Her work can be found online at as well
as being a great place to contact her with questions or to request a
custom piece.


Valeri Blossom

valeri blossom is crafty. that is to say, she makes stuff. with some help, she made three beautiful little boys and now she makes other pretty stuff. she has always been artsy but only in the last five years has she seriously considered calling herself an artist. it worked but she suffers from crafting A.D.D so she is always working on multiple projects simultaneously and tries to get her hands on any medium that tickles her fancy. currently, valeri is still knitting, painting, illustrating and working her mixed media magic with several found objects and her oodles of supplies that took years to hoard. she is an albuquerque native who now lives a little bit north with her husband and three kidlets.
awesomuffin (at) gmail (dot) com